FeatureBase formerly known as Molecula

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FeatureBase is a real-time analytical database built on bitmaps. Its Open Source, in-memory, MLAP engine providing SQL support, real-time updates, and analytical processing for your growing data.

iOS and Android
FeatureBase One-Pager

Project overview

Upon joining the Molecula team, one of my initial responsibilities was to revitalize the existing branding before the company underwent a rebranding process, which eventually led to the birth of FeatureBase. As part of this endeavor, I undertook the task of updating the PDF documents, ensuring they were not only refreshed but also included hyperlinks for enhanced functionality.

Product Design


The PDF was meticulously crafted using Google Slides, while the graphics were skillfully designed in Illustrator. The objective was to develop a versatile PDF template accessible to all company members through their Google accounts, enabling them to effortlessly update, create, and customize one-pagers and documents.


By utilizing Slides, the document empowered every member of the company to swiftly generate on-brand content, showcasing our best work. The overwhelmingly positive response and significant impact prompted the conversion of numerous other documents into Google Slide layouts, further amplifying our cohesive and impactful visual identity.

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