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FeatureBase is a real-time analytical database built on bitmaps. Its Open Source, in-memory, MLAP engine providing SQL support, real-time updates, and analytical processing for your growing data.

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FeatureBase Rebranding

Project overview

I took charge of Molecula's stagnant rebranding process, which had been lingering with a California-based design agency for a year without progress. With swift action and strategic vision, I single-handedly spearheaded a comprehensive rebranding endeavor, successfully transforming the entire company within two months. This not only expedited the process but also resulted in substantial cost savings of over $120,000 for the company.

UI/UX Design


Creating a new branding and website for FeatureBases was a significant project that required a lot of planning, creativity, and technical expertise. As the lead designer, I was tasked with developing a new brand identity that would effectively communicate FeatureBases's unique value proposition and position them as a market leader in their industry.

To start the branding process, I conducted extensive research on the company's competitors, target audience, and industry trends. This research helped me to identify the key attributes and values that needed to be reflected in the new brand identity.

Using this information, I developed a new logo, color palette, typography, and design system that would be applied across all marketing materials, including the new website. I worked closely with the development team to ensure that the design system was compatible with their technical requirements and to create a seamless user experience.

Once the branding was finalized, I began developing the new website from scratch, using my technical expertise in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I created custom layouts, animations, and graphics that were consistent with the new brand identity and optimized for user experience.


The new website was well received by FeatureBases and their customers and helped to establish the company as a professional and reliable partner in their industry. The new branding and website also helped to attract new customers and increase revenue for the company. Overall, this project was a significant achievement and demonstrated my ability to direct a branding and website design project from start to finish.

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