Samsung UX

Collaborated with Samsung to enhance their social media presence and create an interactive platform to showcase genuine ratings and reviews and curated content.

iOS and Android
Interactive Design Mockup
Samsung UX

Project overview

Started with Axure RP to create the wireframes of the web pages that Samsung wanted to showcase their products on. I used Axure RP to create detailed wireframes of each page, including the homepage, the product detail pages, and the search pages. Once I had the wireframes in place, I began designing the user interface (UI) elements and interactive features for each page.

UI/UX Design


After completing the wireframes and UI designs in Axure RP, I moved on to Photoshop to create high-fidelity designs of each page. I used Photoshop to create visual designs for each page, including typography, color schemes, and imagery. Additionally, I used Photoshop to create graphics and icons for each product category: Ratings & Reviews, Questions and Answers, and Curations.

Using Axure RP and Photoshop together allowed me to create an interactive mockup that Samsung could use to see how their products would look and feel on their website. The interactive mockup was a combination of the wireframes and high-fidelity designs, making it easy for Samsung to understand the functionality and aesthetics of each page. The mockup helped Samsung visualize the layout of the website, the placement of the products, and the overall user experience.


In conclusion, using Axure RP and Photoshop helped me create an interactive mockup that allowed Samsung to envision their products on their website. The combination of wireframes and high-fidelity designs helped Samsung see how their products would look and feel on their website. This mockup provided Samsung with a clear understanding of the website's functionality, layout, and user experience, allowing them to make informed decisions about their design and marketing strategies.

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