Bazaarvoice India Shirt Design

Bazaarvoice's India office approached their one-year anniversary milestone and expressed the desire to create a specially designed t-shirt to commemorate the occasion.

Product Design
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Bazaarvoice India Shirt Design

Project overview

My objective was to create an exceptional t-shirt design that captured the essence of Bazaarvoice Bengaluru's one-year anniversary. To ignite the creative process, I delved into immersive research, exploring India's iconic imagery, beloved symbols, and the prevailing design trends. After generating a variety of designs, including incorporating elements of Hindi, we narrowed down the selection to two standout options.

Product Design


In the first design, we leveraged the brand's vibrant color palette, skillfully arranging a collection of shapes to form the number "1," symbolizing the momentous milestone of Bazaarvoice Bengaluru's one-year anniversary. Notably, the chosen shape closely aligned with the company's logo, creating a cohesive visual narrative that effortlessly caught the eye and conveyed the significance of the occasion.

Alternatively, the second design adopted a minimalist approach, blending the rebranded colors and typography. Taking center stage was the number "366," symbolizing the leap year, with a bold and contemporary style that perfectly captured the essence of the refreshed Bazaarvoice brand. Positioned above this focal point was the sleek and updated Bazaarvoice logo, further elevating the overall composition.


Both designs received enthusiastic praise from Bazaarvoice's headquarters in Austin and the Bengaluru office in India. After careful consideration, they selected the design that prominently featured the number "366." This choice perfectly captured the significance of their one-year anniversary coinciding with a leap year.

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