Bazaarvoice Slide Rebrand

Following the rebranding, a comprehensive redesign was undertaken for all existing documents, decks, and presentations. The showcased partial presentation exemplifies the transformation achieved through the rebranding efforts.

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Google Slides, Powerpoint
Bazaarvoice Slide Rebrand

Project overview

As the lead designer, I took on the challenge of revamping the company's Google Slides and Powerpoint decks to align with the recently developed brand identity by my team and I. The objective was to establish a unified and seamless visual experience throughout all company presentations. Through meticulous redesign efforts, a cohesive and consistent look was created, ensuring that the new branding was effectively conveyed in every slide.

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To start the redesign process, I reviewed the company's existing decks and identified areas that needed improvement. I then collaborated with the designers on my team to create a new design system that aligned with our new branding guidelines. We established a color palette, typography guidelines, and design patterns that would be used throughout the presentation templates.

Once the design system was in place, I began working on the Google Slides and Powerpoint templates. I created custom layouts, styles, and graphics that incorporated the new design system, making sure that each template was easy to use for anyone within the company and visually appealing.

After completing the initial designs, I shared them with the marketing and sales teams to get their feedback. We made some tweaks and adjustments based on their feedback and continued refining the templates until we had a final product that everyone was happy with.


The new presentation templates were well received by the company, and they helped to establish a consistent and professional look and feel across all company presentations. The new design system also made it easier for employees to create visually appealing and on-brand presentations, saving them time and ensuring that our brand was always represented in the best possible way.

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