Bazaarvoice Success Story

Snowleader achieved remarkable success after leveraging Ratings & Reviews, Questions & Answers, and Content Syndication which enhanced their online presence and improve the shopping experience. Snowleader witnessed significant growth and elevated their position in the outdoor sports retail industry.

Success Story
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Bazaarvoice Success Story

Project overview

Having spearheaded the design efforts for the new branding at Bazaarvoice, I possessed an intimate familiarity with the underlying design system and guidelines that were to be seamlessly incorporated into these briefs. The primary objective was to craft a visually captivating and polished one-pager that adeptly conveyed our client's success stor through leveraging the Bazaarvoice ecosystem.

UI/UX Design


To begin the redesign process, I reviewed the existing one-pager and identified areas that needed improvement. A new layout was created I created custom layouts, graphics, and typography that incorporated the new design system.

Throughout the design process, I made sure to adhere to the new design guidelines and brand colors to ensure consistency across all materials. I also paid close attention to the layout and hierarchy of information, ensuring that the most important information was front and center on the newly branded Success Story PDFs.


The final one-pager design was well received by the company and effectively communicated our brand messaging and value proposition. The new design system and guidelines helped to establish a consistent and professional look and feel across all marketing materials, and the one-pager served as a powerful tool to attract and convert new customers throughout NA, EMEA, and APAC.

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